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OCULUS HMC-Anomaloskop

Heidelberger Multi-Color-Anomaloskop for Precision Color Vision Diagnosis

The HMC-Anomaloskop is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for precision color vision diagnosis in the red/green area (Rayleigh equation) and in the blue/green area (Moreland equation) with integrated, automatic neutral adaptation.

HMC-Anomaloskop with Laptop

Features in Detail

Two different versions of the Heidelberger Multi-Color-Anomaloskop are available:

Version 1

HMC-Anomaloskop (R) for assessment of color vision in the red/green area (Rayleigh equation), complete with Windows-compatible software.

HMC-Anomaloskop for Color Blindness Diagnosis

  • In the red/green area based on the Rayleigh equation
  • In the blue/green area based on the Moreland equation
  • Suitable for testing color vision as required by driver’s license issuance regulations
  • Adjustable, automatic neutral adaptation (comparable to standard illuminant C) during observation of the test field
  • Observation of the test field at a standard angle of 2°
  • Optional: 4° Add-on optics for test field magnification (Moreland equation)
  • Color adaptation in the unit is based on the principle of additive color mixing
  • Ergonomic design with inclinable tube for optimal, non-fatiguing viewing
  • The control knobs are arranged in alignment with the test field (easy to allocate)
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