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OCULUS Myopia Master®
What about my future? OCULUS Myopia Master® For early myopia detection and management

OCULUS Myopia Master®

Refraction, Axial Length and Keratometry

The new Myopia Master® is the first device to combine the important measurement parameters for making myopia management much easier and more reliable than ever. Other risk factors, such as ethnicity, number of myopic parents as well as time spent with near-vision and outdoor activities influence the growth of the eye and should also be recorded initially in children.

OCULUS Myopia Master®

OCULUS Myopia Master®




Required Measurements and Follow-up of Myopia

The new Myopia Master® is the first device to combine the important measurement parameters and a software for making myopia management much easier and more reliable than ever.


A commonly used method for measuring myopia is by refraction. However, day-to-day measurement variability and the need to be able to perform refractions in children with induced cycloplegia require additional parameters for a professional myopia management.

Axial length

This can be measured accurately and independently of accommodation. Progression in axial length is a reliable indicator of progression in myopia. Axial length measurement is the gold standard for myopia management.


The central corneal radii, as the primary refractive component of the eye, can be automatically measured and clearly displayed. The reliability of each measurement is shown by the quality specification.

Myopia Management Redefined

Being able to detect myopia at an early stage before it develops is extremely important. In cooperation with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, the values measured are compared with age-related normative data derived from a database of about 25 000 eyes. The growth curve makes it possible to compare the individual measurement with normative data. The earlier an abnormality trend is recognized, the more efficiently it can counteracted with appropriate treatments.


The diagram shows both axial length and refraction (spherical equivalents) of an individual patient’s measurement in an easy-to-understand way. The growth curves support the data interpretation.

A traffic light scale indicates the estimated risk of developing myopia.

Progression of myopia
Details on influencing factors

History-taking and Customer Education Made Easy with Software

Vital for your educational sessions: Influencing factors that can stimulate myopia development are documented in the software. A traffic light scale is provided to help visualize critical values.

Evaluation-Based Action Recommendations

A Report That Leaves no Questions Open

The customer is provided with a comprehensive, readily understandable report explaining the status quo.

In addition to the customer data and measurement results it presents the selected action recommendations and progression diagrams in an intuitive way.

Along with the customer information and evaluated influencing factors this makes excellent reading for refreshing the customer’s memory.

Follow-Up Examinations and Trend Analysis – Treatment strategy and success made easy to visualize

One or multiple treatment strategies can be selected with a simple click.

The effects of axial length growth on refraction with or without the selected treatment strategy can be intuitively illustrated in a diagram. Colour-coded representations explain the success of treatment to both parents and child.

This provides the customer with an optimal overview of the individual development as well as a summary about the treatment strategy.

Follow-Up Examinations and Trend Analysis
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