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Topography with OCULUS: Automated, precise and clear as possible for consultations.

The utmost precision is required for precise corneal examinations. And OCULUS brings more than 120 years of experience to bear, not just in topography. That’s because OCULUS is committed to both user-friendliness and efficient processes.

These benefits are shared by all OCULUS topography devices, too. The integrated keratometer is the basis for this. It is included in all OCULUS topographers to ensure the exact readings that opticians and optometrists need when fitting contact lenses.

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The keratometer: integrated in all OCULUS topography devices

The benefits of the integrated keratometer are crucial for opticians’ and optometrists’ everyday practice:

  • measurements of actual corneal curvature
  • exact measurements for perfect correction of contact lenses
  • intuitive and simple to use
  • can be processed quickly
  • high-resolution images ensure clear results for customers

Choose your topographer

OCULUS gives you the choice. What do you need for topography in your everyday practice? Keratograph 5M, Keratograph 4 or Easygraph: Whichever device you choose, OCULUS quality is assured.

  • Keratograph 5M

    Keratograph 5M

    The OCULUS Keratograph 5M is an advanced corneal topographer with a built-in real keratometer and a colour camera optimized for external imaging.


  • Keratograph 4

    Keratograph 4

    Gold standard corneal topography – that’s what the Keratograph 4 is all about. It ensures reliability when it comes to taking measurements, providing consultation and fitting contact lenses.


  • Easygraph


    The Easygraph offers the ideal solution to practices struggling with limited space. Mounting directly on the slit lamp, this space-saving corneal topographer incorporates assessment of the cornea directly into the examination process.


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