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Straylight Meter for Quantification of Light Scattering in the Eye

With this product development, OCULUS is once again living up to its motto, "We focus on progress". The C-Quant makes it possible to measure the amount of straylight in a human eye individually and reliably. The effect of increased straylight in the human eye can be compared to looking through a dirty windshield.

OCULUS C-Quant with Laptop



Increased ocular straylight is almost always caused by a lens cataract, but can also be caused by the cornea too, e.g. after refractive surgery.
In short: Increased ocular straylight reduces visual acuity and thus impairs the quality of life.
Many patients complain of night blindness. They see a "halo" around a light source, or feel dazzled by the headlights of oncoming vehicles. When common vision tests are conducted, nothing seems to be wrong. The most likely cause is an increase in the straylight in the human eye, which cannot be detected or measured in conventional eye examinations. The ocular straylight disturbs visual perception and thus reduces visual acuity.

The C-Quant now provides a way to detect this cause of reduced visual acuity, and the patient can thus be given more comprehensive advice and be offered possible solutions to improve his individual quality of life.

The examination with the C-Quant is specifically designed for older patients and those with reduced visual acuity and takes approx. 1 to max. 2 minutes per eye.

The C-Quant was developed together with Dr. Tom van den Berg of the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (NORI) in Amsterdam. Dr. Tom van den Berg has been researching ocular straylight in the human eye for over 20 years and is an esteemed and recognized expert both nationally and internationally. The results of his studies are the basis of the C-Quant evaluation program.

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