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OCULUS Easyfield®

The OCULUS Easyfield® is the smallest full-fledged perimeter on the market. It is designed for use as a visual field screener and as a threshold perimeter for immediate re-examination of any abnormal findings. Ideal for all common examinations of the central visual field up to 30°. The Easyfield® C has an adjustable double chin rest and uses translucent eye shields for maximum patient comfort.

Easyfield® C



The Easyfield has been a fantastic instrument for our office. The small footprint is superb for an office with limited floor space. Patients love the shorter testing time with the SPARK Strategy. It is a very reliable, accurate instrument. We love our Easyfield!

Viktoria L. Davis, O.D. - Madelia, MN

Having the Easyfield in my practice increases my efficiency; new staff can easily be trained on how to run the perimetry tests, and patients can easily understand the instructions. Screening visual fields are often completed within three minutes for both eyes. Having the ability to run a three minute threshold visual field has allowed me to spend more time with patients during their visits, and patients are pleased that they are not subjected to threshold tests of 8 minutes per eye.

Carrie Lee, O.D. - San Francisco, CA

I love my Easyfield. I use it to service one of my offices and bring it to 3 different nursing homes and home visits. It’s great to have the ability to bring threshold visual fields to patients who cannot come to my office.

Jeffrey Williams, O.D. - Riverhead, NY

We have used the Easyfield for many years. It gives us repeatable threshold visual fields just like the big boys do, yet in less space and for far less cost.

Steven Rosen, O.D. - St. Louis, MO

We purchased our Easyfield before they were even manufactured and had to wait 6 months for delivery. The wait turned out to be worthwhile. We used it for years as a portable instrument between 2 offices. It now has a permanent home in one of our satellite clinics and is used every day with reliable results.

Watts Davis, O.D. - Laure, MS

My patients love how easy, fast and stress free it is to perform a visual field. Compared to previous tests done at other eye care professional’s office they were relieved to experience the ease and comfort with the Easyfield unit. The results are clear and easy to interpret and reliable.

Larry M. Levine, O.D. - Somers Point, NJ

I have been using the Easyfield in my practice for the past 10 years. It has been a very effective field analyzer and the small footprint has worked well in our office. It is easy for staff and for patients to use, and it's easy to interpret. It has been an invaluable clinical tool.

Sarah Jerome, O.D. - Minneapolis, MN

The OCULUS Easyfield is a vision saver! Due to its cost effectiveness, reliability, portability and easy use, we were able to provide vision field testing at all our locations in the Caribbean, at an affordable cost to our patients. You have found a way to package a tool so vital in the fight to reduce blindness, in a manner that every Eye care service provider regardless of location can own an Easyfield. We are proud to be a part of the OCULUS family.

Benet Henry, M.D. - Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines

When I first opened my practice in 2007, I was researching visual field machines and came across the OCULUS Easyfield. It was by far the best purchase I made. My staff and I have found it extremely easy to use. Don't let its small size fool you! This little machine is accurate and you can diagnose with confidence. I even had ophthalmologists repeat visual fields on mutual patients and have found the results to be identical. If you are looking for reliability, purchase an OCULUS Easyfield.

Kimberly Agostinelli, O.D. - Daleville, PA

I have a very aggressive glaucoma practice and when my Humphrey broke 2 years ago, I was very reluctant to use any other visual field – however I was very limited on space. I elected to obtain the new OCULUS Easyfield C for a few reasons. The research I did on their new software is comparable to the Humphrey. As important was that it was similar to the Humphrey printout and strategy which I was used to. As an added bonus it has a very small foot print (taking up much less space) and it has a shorter examination time, lending to a more reliable test. It also has both a Supra-threshold and threshold strategy as well as their well tested Spark test strategies. The progression analysis allows me to monitor changes with confidence. What I also like is you can customize a strategy based upon your patient’s needs. These advances compared to their older model (and Humphrey) make the OCULUS Easyfield C a great asset to my practice. I now use it along with my OCT with confidence to monitor both retina, optic nerve and neurological disease. It’s very easy and inexpensive to use. No special thermal paper or ink cartridges needed and the extra space has given my clinic space for additional technology. I would without a doubt purchase this again over other visual field machines.

Phillip Haiman, O.D. - Sunrise, FL

There is nothing about the Easyfield that I don't like. It is affordable, reliable, user friendly, and accurate. Seriously, it's really a great machine.

Joe Martin, O.D. - Edina, MN

The OCULUS Easyfield C is easy to use and is very compact. It fits well into our limited space in our pretesting room. I love how it has the option to save the results into a PDF file so we can link it to our EMR, directly attaching it into the patients' charts. I've used other visual field systems before, and they weren't as user friendly. I really like this one.

Dawn Van, O.D. - Pembroke Pines, FL

We have been using our Easyfield for over ten years. Of course we use it daily, and it has never failed to perform. The Easyfield is reliable, and it is without technical difficulties or maintenance needs. A truly terrific asset to our practice.

Wayne Yorkgitis, O.D. - Carlisle, PA

Fifteen years ago, my wife and I both relatively recent graduates, purchased a practice that lacked what we felt was a key instrument, a visual fields instrument. Given the financial constraints that go along with acquiring a practice, we did not have the resources to purchase an instrument like the one we were trained on which was a Humphreys and our thought at the time was to look for a used one. A representative from OCULUS stopped in our office and introduced us to the Easyfield and since the instrument was very affordable we purchased one. The instrument fit our needs perfectly and despite being packed up and carted between two locations for the last 14 years it has proven itself to be both durable and reliable. It really has been a great instrument.

Brett Dietz, O.D. - Granville, OH

I have had the Easyfield since 2010 and it is very reliable and accurate compared to other fields in the market, yielding excellent results.

William Velez, O.D. - Cidra, PR

My OCULUS Easyfield, upgraded with the latest software and chin rest, is my "Go-To" Instrument for Glaucoma Diagnosis and other CNS Diseases.

Stan Hallock, O.D. - Orlando, FL

I have really enjoyed my Easyfield. It is a compact unit and portable so it fits in with my commercial practice beautifully. Full glaucoma testing and monitoring is not a luxury for commercial optometrists, it's a must. The screening tests help to prevent missed pathology. The Easyfield gave me this ability in a convenient and affordable way. I also love the software upgrades that are given at no extra charge from OCULUS.

Jace Picken, O.D. - Union Gap, WA

I received my Easyfield last year with Rachel Galbraith from OCULUS. She set the instrument up, installed the software on my own laptop, and I was ready to begin testing. The testing I use most of the time is the C-24-2 screening. There is a short set up with the patient: entering last name, first name, and date of birth, placing a trial lens in the holder when needed and then applying an eye patch to the non-tested eye and that's it, short and sweet set up. The information gathered after testing is just awesome. The central fixation and the peripheral fields generate good indices of reliability, indicate the natural blind spot on a grey area indicating "normal" blind spot location and it's presented in HFA readout layout so easy to interpret. I wouldn't practice another day without it. Thanks Rachel, and it's true, I am happy with the Easyfield.

Miguel Delgado, O.D. - Ventura, CA

I love my Easyfield! It does everything I need it to do and more. And, it does it all in a very small space. Patients are not intimidated by it as they were with my old field instrument.

Diane King, OD - Bogota, NJ

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